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newspapers, jeff bezos and others, he has some big ideas, then it erupted and fell apart. sam with messages for jeff tonight on fbn and only fbn. you don't get it? hello, i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, david webb, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." well, he was the only person jailed after terrorists stormed our consulate on 9/11 in benghazi, despite having nothing to do with the attack. the filmmaker has given a new interview, and he says he wants the world to see the truth about islamist extremists. but first, the terror attack that killed four americans. >> we have seen rage and
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violence direct at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> it is in response to a video, a film, that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. >> of course, as you know there was a violent protest outside our embassy, sparked by this hateful video. >> the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage through the muslim world. >> na cue a is in federal custody in california. he has spoken to the daily caller. he says, quote, i am not afraid, i want the world to see the truth, i have many muslim friends. they do not believe in terrorism culture like many others. we have to keep fighting against this culture to protect our future generations and our civilization. he says if i could go back, i would do it again. he is also writing a book dedicated to victims of benghazi and of terrorism around the world. so dana, he has had death
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threats on him, he thanked the u.s. government keeping him safe through all of this. the administration has characterized this as hate speech, islam phobic, and he is trying to educate the world on something the administration says doesn't exist, that we're not at war with radical islam. what's wrong with that. >> coming up on a year since the benghazi attacks. i remember it was on a saturday morning i woke up, i sent an e-mail to greg and another friend and i said i cannot believe the united states of america, that the government is going to try to blame somebody who made a video for deaths of americans in libya. this can't possibly be happening. here we are a year later and he is in jail for unrelated reasons. probation violations and used an alias. it is not that he hasn't done anything wrong, when you've done something wrong you don't pick up everybody on a probation violation put a towel on their head, make them go to jail for
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the year, not the aclu or anyone from hollywood turned out to help this guy. the other thing you said, andrea, i'll stop there, he said this war, meaning the war on terrorism, the war against the united states and christians does not use weapons but minds. i am talking about how much the world will suffer because of this culture if we do not stop it as soon as possible. in the video, the administration watches it from the white house situation room and says my goodness, this is horrible, it is hate speech. i just find that really hard to believe that it happened and we're a year later and he is still in jail. >> and he probably has a case to counter sue. they blamed him for this video, then get this news, this is breaking, greg, the justice department filed criminal charges against a number of suspects who actually did commit the crime in benghazi, wasn't caused by a video. these are the same people that were spotted by numerous media outlets last week sitting around, drinking mango juice,
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they didn't interrogate them. is it coincidental, all of a sudden september 11, coming to the anniversary, the filmmaker speaks out, and all of a sudden they finally file charges? >> it could be also that president obama is going to be on jay leno tonight. who knows. the fact that this guy is in a halfway house while terrorists are free, it is like arresting the editors of runners world for the marathon bomber, letting him go free. i will say this about this filmmaker, no question he is a shady dude, he did break some laws, but he was also a decoy, a pawn in a government coverup. he is really not the story here. the story is how the white house found him and used him in order to win an election. wait a second. he was integral in getting obama elected because they used him to smooth over the idea there was terrorism. obama should pardon him for helping him with the election or introduce him to george clooney,
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have him make connections in hollywood. this guy got obama reelected. >> let's remember that he has now three fatwas against him, they want to put him in protective custody, somebody needs to. these guys are serious players when it comes to that stuff. one thing that bothers me about what he said, i can't find all of the moderate muslims he is talking about who are willing to step forward and say this is wrong. i keep coming back to this point. has anybody, anybody of any standing in the muslim community stood up and denounced any of this? i can't find them. >> it is not actually about islam in totality, david, it is really about how they have become radicalized. these videos, no offense, greg, they're worse than your german art films. >> how dare you. >> david, he talks about the double standard with christianity as well. you see mosques all over the place, don't see churches in saudi arabia, this is a total
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double standard. and christians persecuted in egypt recently, and you heard nothing from this administration. >> trying to get muslims to go against radical muslims, let's face it, they're going to get killed, they're going to get fatwa. how ridiculous that he was safer in prison when he shouldn't be in prison. he should thank the administration for putting him in jail, he was safe from the fatwas, not the others. this was used to advance a political agenda to keep this off the front pages in the right way, which was a coverup, so obama could get reelected and it works. it was part of the calculus. sad part, while he is shady, he paid a price he should never have paid, and what's he going to do about it. maybe george clooney, matt damon, someone in hollywood -- >> no one is going to make the movie about him. if he had made a movie that was critical of christians or
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atheists, susan sarandon would be championing him, would be at the prison cell now. it speaks to the cowardess of the hollywood renegade. there was nobody showed up because he was guilty of not being cool. he expressed criticism of an intolerant movement, so he became the target. if the film was about american back lash towards muslims, he would be winning awards at sundance. >> the reason the so-called moderate muslims won't speak up, clerics are afraid to speak up on a friday sermon because they're worried they'll get a fatwa on them. looks to me 10% of the culture is controlling the rest of them by fear. >> that's assuming only 10% believe radical -- >> whatever it is. it is a minority.
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>> you make a great point, bob. the muslim clerics are considered worse if they speak out, it will be perceived they're turning on the muslim faith. what i find to be the worst part about this, people aren't going to want to make any videos or educate anybody about the dangers of islam now because they're afraid they'll be thrown in jail or they're going to get prosecuted. look at the cartoon about muhammad. >> they use the establishment on the left when needed. this guy is not going to get a youtube video or front page headline, he is going to get a page 18. >> i have an idea about this. every time the muslims take a coptic, christian church out, don't allow them to build a mosque. you take out a coptic christian church, no. one for one. if that's the way you want to play the game. we are allowed to practice our religion here or in the holy land, which is what you control, a lot of it. so the idea that you go and burn coptic churches and kill
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children, i mean, what is that all about? is that what the prophet was about? that's probably going to get me a fatwa, but fatwa this. >> how do you follow that. i was going to mention now we have criminal charges filed against somebody that's not even here. we have that. the other thing, the terrorists that created and continue to put content in magazines, where you learn to make bombs, what the bomber in boston was looking about. one of the things they could do anonymously if you are a muslim that cares, if there are people out there, i think there are, especially in governments that don't want instability, why don't they take that website down and block it. there ought to be a way to stop the spread of that misinformation rather than focusing on a guy who made a video who is in jail for a year. >> everything you hear him say is truthful about radical islam.
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it is something you don't even hear from the administration. eight weeks ago, president obama stood before the country and said we are not at war with radical islam, there is no war on terror, al qaeda is on the run. now, greg, the al qaeda leader he will zawahiri is said to have ordered al qaeda attacks. if al qaeda is on the run, how are they ordering terror attacks. and what are they going to tell us now that they said we are not at war. >> all i can say, it rhymes with fracking. we shouldn't be relying on this part of the world, make our own fuel. good-bye crazy village. have to drive by, you go see you later, death cult. these are like weeds that grow in neglected places, when they show up around you, pull them. lesson, the united states needs to have our own fuel and ensure our own safety, then we don't
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have to deal with it. >> has anybody heard one leader of muslim country that stood up to the united states in the course of the terror attacks? >> there are none. >> in the wake of 9/11 there were. i can't think of their names. >> there was epcot center in florida stood up for us. >> there were people dancing on rooftops, it is not just the muslim world, it is what happens in this country. >> like there's radicals here, you can find radicals in any movement. there's a lot of them, not enough to speak out about them. if every muslim was a radical, the world would be a real different place. >> i think that's understating us. they have been fighting us since the days of benjamin franklin, it is better than oil, they want to kill us. they're not going to stop until everybody in this country is a
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muslim or is ruled by muslims, no matter how nice we are, and they're radicalizing younger and younger. >> caliphate. >> there have been movements all along the way, going back to '39 when hitler partnered with jerusalem, they formed that first muslim brigade. does anybody know the salute in iran looks close to the nazi salute? think about how the modern charge started, then the muslim brotherhood. this is a militancy. they don't want to stay in borders, they have different strategies, urban, terrorist strategy, political strategy, council on american islamic relations, they have influence in the white house, they have influence in white houses along the way. they have a strategy to win. and by the way, here is a number that should scare you. if only 10% of muslims worldwide are radicalized, it is the
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largest standing army in the globe's history. >> is that right? hitler and the -- >> jerusalem, 1939, formed a brigade. >> they're more sympathetic than you think. dana, can i ask about the white house's reaction to these terror threats? they have come out and said the core of al qaeda has been decimated. they have been telling us basically we're not at war with islam for a really long time. how do they message this at this point? >> i think the most important thing for them is to do the right thing whatever it is operationally to get it done, worry about the politics later. they have a political problem. the thing is, they don't think they do. they don't care. it doesn't matter to them. but the most important thing they can do is not worry about the politics or pr hopefully, but it is interesting that tonight president obama will be on the jay leno show and low and here's an arrest in
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benghazi. remarkable. >> i know we have to go. al qaeda, they all kept off cell phones, remember that, because they were getting knocked off. i think it is a little unusual all of a sudden we're picking up all this traffic. >> you don't know they were completely off cell phones. >> we don't? >> using obama phones. whatever they were using. >> former cia agent said they know how we detect their chatter. >> they can do it lots of different ways, that's why the meta data isn't just about phone numbers, it is lots of different ways to communicate. >> i think they're messing with our head. >> this is something they do, they morph and probe us. they don't repeat the strategy. >> you have to take it seriously, but i think they're messing with our heads. >> that's the point of terrorism. >> you can wear the jersey, don't have to be part of a cell. coming up on "the five," a health scare for president bush 43, he underwent a surprising heart surgery this morning. we will update you on his
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condition. first, the fort hood terror trial finally started today in texas. major nidal malik hasan is representing himself. we will take you inside the courtroom next. ♪ uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike?
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♪ all right. the fort hood terror trial finally started in texas today, nearly four years after the attack that killed 13 u.s. soldiers, injured more than 30 others. the suspect, army psychiatrist nadal hassan delivered opening arguments, spoke briefly for two minutes, said the evidence will clearly show i am the shooter. the dead bodies will show that war is an ugly thing. there's death and destruction and devastation for both sides. that is for both friend and foe. then he said we, the mujahideen are imperfect muslims trying to establish the perfect religion in the land of the supreme god. the other interesting thing about this, greg, not only that we even have to go through this
2:20 pm
at all, remember it was categorized by the united states government and obama administration as workplace violence rather than a terror attack. but he gets to cross examine victims. listen to one of them, staff sergeant howard ray. >> the truth of the matter is, i don't go a day without thinking about this. the impact that this terrorist act has on my life is huge. >> interesting to me how strong these victims are. i wish that i would be as strong in that. but he calls it a terrorist act, i wonder if that's on purpose to help himself heal. >> there's a lot of names they've used euphemistically for this. first off, i don't want to know any of his statements, i don't care to know them and i don't think america should have to endure his lessons in why america is bad and why he had to
2:21 pm
switch sides. i would just as soon not hear them. they're also calling it soldier on is soldier violence. but he was a soldier of allah, that's on his card, so that's bs, and it is not workplace violence. if that's workplace violence, i am kareem abdul jabbar. they call it premeditated, it was premeditated. a lot of people saw hints of what was going to happen. this guy gave off more warnings than the stupid robot from lost in space. >> i was going to say, that's the guy lost his eye that was interviewed there, lost his left eye. how in the world, this guy said i was trying to defend taliban in afghanistan, knowledge out the soldiers before they got there. how in the world could you be in the military that long and people not pick up on this. >> the thing is he was part of a protected class, the higher ups, i read through briefings and writings he did. this guy was clearly radical, but there's a culture they
2:22 pm
wouldn't say figure if you were doing it. retribution or fear of retribution that you would be punished for saying anything against him was part of the problem. look, the biggest joke in this whole thing, when the trial is over if he appeals to civil court, to the supreme court, if it happens in the next three years, the president has to sign off on his execution, if he gets the death penalty. does anybody believe this president would sign off on the death penalty for nadal hassan. i don't call him major, he doesn't deserve that title. >> took three years for the trial to get under way. hard to believe the sentencing would come like that. the judge has an important role to make sure the victims aren't revictimized. important to keep the questions very narrow. do you think the judge will be able to answer that call? >> yes, the minute he gets out of line, this military judge is going to shut him down immediately.
2:23 pm
it's embarrassing it took this long. it is embarrassing he has been collecting benefits, taxpayer dollars. it is embarrassing it was deemed workplace violence. it is embarrassing he sat in front of a group of army psychologists and in detail described exactly how he was going to kill, they took notes, said thank you, you can go because of crippling political correctness in the army. but the only statement, i actually agree with greg, i don't really care what he has to say. there's only one statement that grabs me. he says we're at war. they are at war with us. they are at war and we continue to say no, we're not at war with radical islam. >> what is the protection of somebody, this guy sat in front of psychiatrists said he was going to do this, why should he be protected by anybody in the military? >> that's the process. under ucmj, they can't take his pay away. after he is convicted, they can take back the money. that's one mechanism they have. it is no comfort to the victims.
2:24 pm
none to the 13 that were killed and over 30 wounded. what they need to do with this guy frankly is stop treating him special. he is in a wheelchair, well, i don't care. he is a terrorist. a terrorist in a wheelchair is a terrorist. i don't care how they treat him nicely. >> the other thing, not only what he said but it was what he was doing, the amount of ammunition he was buying and people in the community that were in the gun trade were saying why would you need this much, and it just gets to a point, i don't know, people just don't want to get involved so they don't say anything. >> it is just around the base? >> it was islamaphobia, fear of being called a bigot. i want to know where the hell is his fan base. why hasn't "rolling stone" put him on the cover? he is just not cute enough. if he was better looking, "rolling stone" would put him on the cover. >> it is the uniform code of
2:25 pm
military justice which is different than our -- >> than civilian courts in these matters. >> what's upsetting, in that memorial speech, president obama said there hasn't been a successful terror attack on u.s. soil, not counting boston and not counting this. i don't understand how the administration can continue to make these statements. >> how the press let's them get away with it. >> if i had to guard him, i would be ordering from nathan every day. >> thank you very much for that, greg. great way to wrap up the segment. ahead on "the five," an update on the school bus beating in florida we talked about yesterday where three 15-year-olds assaulted a 13-year-old kid. what drives these young boys to do something awful. greg has a monologue. you won't want to miss it. stay right there. ♪ ♪
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♪ as our leaders focus on outside threats, our insides rot thanks to the triumph of feelings over values we witness decades of crumbling families and explosive juvenile delinquency. free love begets free pain. the bus video while shocking is a symptom of a culture that forgot consequences, choosing immediate gratification over long term family commitment. white folks get away with it, minorities making the same choices, no such luck. four in ten don't work. how did that happen, where does it lead? apparently stopping a kid on a bus while holding on to your stupid saggy pants. decades ago, work was about pride. without work, life had no meaning. the fundamental cause of our dying society is steady elimination of financial and spiritual necessity for work of
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any kind. blame corrosive government programs, i do, but it is also our corrosive belief that some work is not that cool. we mop the bottom rung because it is beneath us. teens shun work, sell drugs, appropriate a life style that glamorize it is superior to the mcdonald's counter. many are blacks like our president. do you think he would say that could have been me? praising athletes and wronged professors. there are people could use his help in buses, classrooms, grim neighborhoods. maybe admonish them in a clear and angry voice, might be ever bit as relaxing as golf and it just might work. the gulfport police charged the three juveniles with aggravated assault, one with unarmed robbery. i thought it looked like attempted murder. hate crime is not being pursued. there were three black teens against a white kid, they're
2:32 pm
saying it is about retribution for not buying drugs. >> i don't like hate crime legislation. you're beaten with fists, getting beaten and kicked. that said, it is the hypocrisy for me, greg. how do you have this and how the media handles it. if this was three white kids and black kid, seen that play out before, sharpton would be there, jackson would be there, florida would be an apartheid state again, and frankly, these kids should be charged as adults. if possible, they should be charged as adults. they could have taken out an eye. they've definitely scarred this kid. stop coming down on the 64-year-old bus driver. look at the kids, two years younger than trayvon. throwing punches. a 64-year-old would be beaten just as badly. >> yeah, that hurts. andrea, i am looking at that,
2:33 pm
that's attempted murder. they didn't stop. >> yep. i mean, look, i don't know if it was racially motivated or not, you know, three black kids on one white kid, certainly appears that way. i agree with david. i don't want to stand up and say okay, black on white now, i want the white house to weigh in on this, they shouldn't be weighing in on this to begin with, but where are the civil rights leaders on both sides of the aisle when a child is beaten? where are people that advocate against bullying. where is the hollywood community that hates bullying against gays or any kind of teen. forget color. everyone is put into boxes of black, white, gay, straight. just a child is getting beat. will someone say something? because it is three black kids on a white, they don't say a word. >> what do you think, bob. >> i can only speak for this liberal, that is that i find it appalling that my side has decided to remain silent on this, whether it is jesse jackson or al sharpton, even the president of the united states,
2:34 pm
it seems to me this is an opportunity for us to say that things are -- that you can't excuse this action because these are three black kids and there's one white kid. seems to me, now is the time to step up and say this is unacceptable no matter what color they are. these guys deserve to be tried as adults and frankly, if it were up to me, they would go away for a lifetime, let them think about that when they're busting rocks. >> dana, they say crime is going down, but the perception is it is getting worse, is that because we see more, people are filming it, we have surveillance? seems like there's a coarsening of culture happening, especially teens towards adults. >> i think it has happened over time. i think the ability for a local story like in pinellas county, florida to make national news for three days in a row now, that's only happened because of technology. that's not a bad thing. it is interesting, bob says this is an opportunity.
2:35 pm
unfortunately there are opportunities every single day. what you said yesterday, getting at, was should somebody and the president being the perfect person, do something about the root cause of the problem? you mention on the work front, i agree that's a problem. i also think the faith based community is needed now more than ever because government can't heal anything, a job can do something, but you have to have a purpose. and i think the faith based community is perfectly poised, well, maybe not perfectly, but they're the best poised to help. >> one thing i would say here, it is an ideal opportunity of strategy. if i were jesse jackson, al sharpton, it is an ideal opportunity to say i am not like they say and think i am. but they won't do that. >> meanwhile, we're obsessed with childhood obesity, but it is not roly poly kids beating the crap out of you. >> i was roly poly, beat the crap out of lots of people. >> and letting the adults know
2:36 pm
he didn't want to buy drugs from these kids. they aren't kids, they're punks. >> tough language from dana perino. did you miss last night's bachelorette finale? don't worry, i'll tell you everything you need to know. spoiler alert, i turned her down, not her type. ♪ ♪
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2:41 pm
deal, damon has long been a champion of public schooling. in fact, just a couple years ago he was praising public schools and teachers at the big save our schools rally in d.c. let's take a look. >> the time i was in kindergarten through my high school graduation, i attended public school. and i would not trade that education, that experience for anything. this has been a horrible decade for teachers and i can't imagine how demoralized you guys must feel. please know that there are millions of us behind you. you have an army of regular people standing right behind you and our appreciation for what you do is so deeply felt, we love you. we thank you. we will always have are your backs. >> so is mr. anti-fracking, i have to throw that in, matt damon, a hypocrite or just being a good dad?
2:42 pm
how about being a liberal hypocrite because how many send their kids off to schools, private schools. look, i'm all for it, if you can afford to send your kid to a private school, go right ahead because i believe in school choice, i believe in magnet schools, i believe in giving every kid an opportunity. but matt damon and his mother were big advocates for public schools. didn't do anything about detroit, 47% illiteracy rate, didn't do anything about camden, new jersey. south central, send your kid to south central, they could see the hippy commune. how about reality. figured i have money, i can send my kids somewhere safe where they can grow up, won't advocate for other kids having a shot at the same thing. >> i am all for choice. advocate for change, whatever it is. he does agitate me. >> what a washing machine does.
2:43 pm
>> he can send his kid where he wants, why can't all parents have that option, parents that don't make the money he does on movies. he speaks for teachers, it is hypocritical, but what's worse, he supports leaders and politicians who do not empower choice for parents to pick schools. this is a great opportunity for president obama, charter school, to reach out on education and he hasn't done it. it is another missed opportunity. send your kid to private school, just let other parents be able to do the same. >> greg, president obama did reach out to charter schools. first thing he did, pulled the plug on students in washington, d.c. and matt damon supports him. >> parenting afords no leftwing folly unless you can live beyond your means and principles. private schools for damon is a moral dilemma. if only anyone else could afford sitting around a table in a 25,000 square foot house and
2:44 pm
ponder moral dilemmas. going back to the word agitate, that's product of a teacher's lounge could use that as a positive verb. thanks, bob, for letting me finish. >> i'm sorry, i apologize. listen, i sent my kids to private schools because the schools in our neighborhood were. >> ripe. >> ripe with drug problems. i support the public school system. most teachers are excellent, most schools are very good in this country. we always go to the inner-city, say look at the failure of the american education system when around the country there are a lot of very good schools, very good teachers. just so happened in my neighborhood, didn't have them. we had very good crack dealers. >> make one quick point. he says he wants to send them to a different school because public schools weren't progressive enough. here is what i think. at school you're supposed to learn reading, writing, arithmetic. you get your values at home.
2:45 pm
stay home more often, teach your children whatever you want. >> little schooling for matt damon, work at cracking while he is at it. from suspended cheater alex rodriguez and sadly the overexposed anthony weiner to adulterer simon cowell. up next, our picks for this summer's biggest loser. here is my hint, it is you, america, sometimes you lose. ♪ the postal service is critical to our economy. delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service
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is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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♪ once again, i have no idea whose song that was or who sang it. anyway, this summer has been a rough one for a number of people, a-rod and for the yankees and anthony weiner, need we say more. simon cowell and a number of others. the question is who is the big loser or maybe a winner of this summer. greg, what do you think? >> i think a-rod is going to get that rap. i think we're the losers for being hypocrites. everybody would use something to make themselves better at work, if you look, personally i have witnessed in the restroom john stossel, geraldo rivera
2:50 pm
injecting kitten fur into mustaches. dana perino keeps her blonde hair shiny with meerkat blood. >> wait. i just came up with one. i don't really care about the losers that much, go with the winner is jeff bezos, creator of amazon, bought "the washington post." this is a great move. hopefully we could have a businessman run for prof people a bad move. why do you think it is great? >> what's bad, he has the money, the talent, i think it is great. >> there's how you do the plug for me. >> you're a loser, you'll never get these minutes back in your life, following anthony weiner, spitzer, otherwi spitzer. just pass on it. >> you shouldn't pass on it. people say why do you care about this, why should you care, one, i live here, i do care.
2:51 pm
two, spitzer committed a crime. he should be in prison. he broke the law, he was supposed to be the top cop. he is a huge loser, same with anthony weiner. it is silly, we make jokes. really, this is public office. this is why we talk about it. if we don't hold them accountable, who will? not the media. >> eliot spitzer's commercials are so annoying, i will pay him to stop running the local commercials. >> my person is the mayor of this city who has not only asked me not to take escalators, on that one, mayor, that i have to smoke outside, like a bunch of people with marijuana, and i can't have big gulp. mayor, go away, take weiner with you. one more thing is up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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♪ it is now time for one more thing. i will kick it off. poor al roker. he is having a very hard year. earlier in the year, had an accident in his pants at the white house, now he had an accident this morning when he forgot to set his alarm and overslept, missing his morning show called wakeup al, or wakeup with al. they didn't do that this
2:56 pm
morning. here is al explaining what happened. >> the alarm clock, when the phone didn't go off, somebody says what's your backup. for 39 years, didn't need one. >> you missed wakeup with al? >> changed the name to al, wake up! >> that's my biggest fear. >> not waking up? >> no, missing a show. i have nightmares. the show starts and this chair is empty. >> he was just pooped. >> ha-ha-ha! >> my two biggest fears. >> my biggest fear was to hear greg say that. >> all right. dana. >> you probably heard the news that george w. bush this morning underwent an unexpected surgery to clear an artery blockage doctors had found monday. and freddie ford, spokesperson for president bush said the president is doing great, he was up, feisty, joking around. this is the key thing. he showed no outward signs and symptoms. that's why guys and gals, important to get your checks.
2:57 pm
don't hit the snooze on annual exams. it could help prolong and save your life. >> get a stress test every year if you can do it. >> glad he is feeling better. >> greg. >> time for greg's bachelorette recap! all right. des dumps chris, chris thought he had her in the bag. he is breaking down, starting to cry. she doesn't care because she's still in love with brooks who dumped her a couple days ago. she's thinking about brooks, doesn't care about chris. moments later, what does she do, she gets engaged, yes, to chris -- i'm sorry, she rejected drew and embraced chris. got the guys' names backwards. this is days after brooks dumped her. now she found mr. right and true happiness in a matter of days. and juan pablo, he is the new bachelor. >> what the hell is this show. >> a show that's on television, bob. >> you could do it, you could be
2:58 pm
on aging baby boomer bachelor. >> i want to put you on millionaire match maker so bad. >> no, no, no. >> robert. >> it is mine. this is the 60th anniversary of the atomic bomb over here -- hiroshima. this was an atomic bomb, not hydrogen bomb. one of these bombs in one of our submarines has potential 100 times more than the bomb over hiroshima. it is still a great threat, the spread of nuclear weapons. >> i am glad we're disarming our self. david. >> we had a-rod, weiner, spitzer, now i get the madam for
2:59 pm
one more thing because apparently christine davis has been arrested for selling prescription drugs. i guess she wants to make sure -- >> who is this? >> she's the madam, client number nine -- >> she was -- don't act like you don't know. >> no, no. i know the client nine, i know the broad took them to washington, but i didn't know -- >> she went to jail. >> she went to jail and he didn't. >> i think that's horrible. >> she was running for comptroller. give the woman a little credit, she ran a business that was effective, there was client service, there was satisfaction, and -- >> can i withdraw the word broad. i didn't mean to say that. i am supposed to get right with the muslims, i got to get right with the women. >> you're just in trouble with the women. >> let it go. the spitzer matter.
3:00 pm
that's it for us. thanks for watching, everybody. see you tomorrow. "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier in washington. the first criminal charges have been filed in the benghazi terror attacks that left four people dead last september 11, including the u.s. ambassador there. there may be new efforts tonight to track them down. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has breaking details from the pentagon. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, bret. fox news confirmed nearly one year after the benghazi attacks on the u.s. consulate and cia annex which left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead, the justice department has filed its first charges against those responsible for the attacks. the charges remain under seal in new york. in may, the fbi
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